Connection • Energy• Body language

No Tack • No Roundpens • No Pressure •No Coersion

Connection - Energy - Body Language


TRULY LIBERTY® is a truly relationship based horse communication based on horses FREEDOM OF CHOICE and their NATURAL HERD RITUALS and INSTINCTS. What if our relationship with the horse could start on the horse´s terms with the horse free from start without any tack, ropes or trapped in a small space? Yes, it can! Begin your relationship with the horse at Liberty WITHOUT Tack, Tools,Tricks, Treats, Pressure or Coersion and shape your dream horse! The herd rituals are based on horses' communication system and interconnection rituals that are natural for horses. Learn the language of horse´s and their true nature to communicate and dance with them through a deep connection. By communicating with horses through their natural herd instincts in a language they resonate with, we create a leadership horses is drawn to and chooses to follow. You'll learn how you can develop a deep bond that unfold a magical performance. Learn the secret of how to begin the horse's education in freedom through connection, energy and body language entirely on the horse's freedom of choice. It's a non-dominant philosophy that goes beyond Horsemanship!

What You Will Learn:

  • A Totally Relationship Based Horse Communication
  • How To Build A Deep Bond And Friendship With Horses
  • How To Educate Your Horse Free From Start
  • How To Communicate With Your Horse Through The Bond INSTEAD of Using Tricks, Treats, Pressure & Release Or Coersion
  • The Language Of Horses
  • How To Create Mutual Trust, Respect and Motivation
  • How To Work With Horses Code Of Conduct And Natural Instincts
  • How To Use Connection, Energy And Body Language When Communicating With Horses
  • How To Develop Bond, Trust, Respect, Willingness And Focus In A Horse
  • How To Shape A Horses Behaviour
  • How To Develop A Magnetic Connection
  • How To Create A Harmonius Dance With The Horse
  • How To Get Rid Of Fears And Frustrations

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"Through the freedom and respect we give to the horse it creates a leadership the horse is drawn to"

About Me

I am Anneli Westlund from Sweden. I have worked as a horse trainer for over 20 years with education in different Horsemanship methods, Liberty and Classical Dressage. I have studied with great masters around the world which lead me to develop Truly Liberty and Relationship based Art of Riding from Liberty to Piaff.

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